What makes a real woman attractive? Of course, this is her smile, skin and hair. Each of these aspects needs care. If your smile and skin can be looked after because they cannot be replaced, then hair can be purchased. Buy natural weave black hair easily!

The tradition of using artificial hair goes back centuries. For men, wearing wigs was a reflection of their strength and power, and for women it reflects their beauty. Now artificial hair is popular again. But, of course, it’s better to use natural materials if you want to look natural. How to distinguish artificial from natural hair?

Natural hair has a natural shine, artificial analogs also have it, but too glossy, they seem to be covered with some kind of film. To the touch, natural strands are soft and silky, while artificial ones are hard and elastic. Synthetic hair is much finer than natural hair. Natural high-quality curls practically do not get tangled, and artificial ones can get lost in tangles after careless combing or getting wet. When exposed to the sun (not in direct light), natural hair remains “cool”. Artificial ones quickly heat up and cool down depending on the room temperature. Low quality products (artificial strands) sometimes have a specific smell of fused plastic or dyes, while natural hair has almost no smell. Artificial strands are distinguished by a slight crunch when they touch each other, which is not the case with natural hair.

As you have seen, natural hair can add beauty and neatness to your look, while fake strands will look untidy and graceless. The long lifespan of real hair will delight you. For synthetic curls, it is small. As a rule, it is several weeks. Then they lose their original appearance.

Image by TréVoy Kelly from Pixabay