Depending on where you are camping, several activities will keep everyone entertained. You can play a game of volleyball or water volleyball or fish. You can try hiking or walking around a lake if you’re in the mountains or going to some camper van rentals in Iceland. You can also make a game of nature scavenger hunts.


Fishing can be an excellent way to spend your days on a camping trip. You can rent a boat or other watercraft to make the activity more enjoyable. Most campgrounds offer fishing opportunities, but you’ll need to check the rules and regulations before you go. Make sure you bring the proper fishing license before you go, and you should also research what kind of fish you can catch.

Another excellent camping activity is swimming. You can jump off a dock, float in the water, or even race to a buoy. Snorkeling is another great activity, but you’ll want to find a location with crystal-clear water. Oahu has some great snorkeling spots.


Whether you are a thrill seeker or want to relax and unwind, kayaking is the perfect activity. Not only will you get to see some beautiful scenery, but kayaking is also a fun way to experience the open water. You can even go fishing in your kayak. If you want to give your family a cardiovascular workout during a camping trip, consider taking a family kayaking trip.

Kayaking and canoeing are great camping activities because they provide campers with a great way to explore nature. These water sports also provide exercise for campers and are a great way to bond with one another. You can choose different levels of difficulty and length depending on where you choose to kayak or canoe. Some of these activities are too difficult or too long for younger children. Finding the activities that will be best for your family’s camping trip will make the whole experience more fun.

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Water Volleyball

Water volleyball is a fun way to keep your kids entertained when you’re on a camping trip. This activity involves setting up a volleyball net in the water and playing against your fellow campers. The last team to pop the ball wins the game. The key is to have an even number of players on each team and have each member good with volleyball. You can also use a sprinkler as a net, which makes it an excellent game for all ages.

A variation of this game can be played with water balloons. Inflatable balloons are placed near a volleyball net, and players throw them over it. Each team has a player who must catch the balloon to win. You can buy water balloon volleyball nets from Amazon or a sporting goods store.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Whether you’re taking your family on a spring camping trip or a summer vacation, nature scavenger hunts are an excellent way to connect with nature and get your kids outdoors. They can choose various items to look for, from bugs to trees. You can also focus on specific animals or plants.

Nature scavenger hunts can be fun and challenging and serve as an excellent team-building activity. You can mix up ages to find a challenge that all the family will enjoy. You can even create a sensory scavenger hunt for your children, which involves using all their senses. Just remember to use caution, though.


Geocaching is a growing trend, with over three million caches worldwide. Geocaching is an adventurous and eco-friendly game that combines hiking with GPS technology. It’s an excellent family activity that’s both fun and inexpensive. It also helps parents and children bond. During your camping trip, explore the outdoors and have a great time geocaching with your family.

Geocaching can be challenging but can be a lot of fun! It can be an excellent activity for kids of all ages. It can also be great exercise! Geocaching can be done in a variety of places, and your children will be able to keep a logbook of their journeys.

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Stickball is a fun, old-school game that is very popular in Philadelphia and New York City, and it makes a great camping game, too. Unlike many other games, stickball requires almost no equipment – you need a broom handle and a rubber ball. There are a few different versions of the game. A popular version involves an alphabet game, where each player has to collect camping things that begin with a particular letter.

Stickball was a popular game for Native American tribes. It is also a great way to play a fun game of tag. You can even use stickball equipment to play a game of catch with the children. Another game is the field hockey relay, in which the team has to make their way around a course of orange cones. Another variation of the game is the firewood game, in which campers sit around a pile of firewood and try to guess what the other camper is thinking. If you want the other players to guess, you can ask them if the object they’re thinking of is an animal.

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