Hearing the word “coffee”, most people immediately imagine a cup of fragrant drink.  This drink is loved by many, but no fewer people avoid it.  Most often, the reasons are the invigorating effect of coffee which may be too strong, and its ability to paint the tooth enamel.  Admit, do you also avoid coffee because you are afraid to spoil your beautiful smile?  It’s time to learn something new about coffee.

Coffee beans, known by most people, are just one part of the coffee berry.  The fruit of the coffee tree is a medium size berry, like the cherry.  Coffee berries contain two grains of coffee, which are surrounded by juicy flesh.  It is the flesh that attracts the attention of people who care about their health today.

Meet Coffeeberry, a unique extract of the fruit of the coffee plant. This extract contains a huge amount of natural organic compounds (caffeine, organic acids, trigonelline, polyphenols, and others).  Some of these substances are extremely powerful natural antioxidants, which in their effectiveness exceeds all the famous antioxidants today.  These substances protect the human body from the destructive effects of aggressive particles called free radicals.  In addition, oxycinnamic acids contribute to the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism and are an effective means for the prevention and therapy of arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, and other pathologies.  The use of the extract of green coffee berries for the prevention and treatment of complications of diabetes is invaluable.

It is wonderful that today you can buy the whole coffee fruit organic extract on the Internet.  The product is conveniently packaged and easy to use. It is recommended to use 250-300mgs twice per day. It can be included in the dietary nutrition complex (of course, after pre-consulting your attending physician).  Take advantage of this gift of nature, coffeeberry, to preserve and improve your health!

Image by Andi Graf from Pixabay